High-Strength Super-Alloy Wires

Wire manufacturing technology enabling faster 3D printing

Our proprietary manufacturing procedure “MH Process” allows us to create easier-to-process, high-strength super-alloy wires that are critical for aircraft engine parts and can be used by Direct Energy Deposition (DED)-system 3D printers.

These wires can be produced on a made-to-order basis for small lots in the following specification range or more:

  • Rod shape: φ1.0 to 5.0 mm
  • Wire shape: φ1.0 to 1.6 mm x 10 m

“MH Process”


3D printing mechanism using super-alloy wires

The 3D printer feeds a wire from the nozzle and laminates the molten metal to form the component shape. This system can rapidly fabricate large, strong parts for applications such as the repair of aircraft engines or valves.


Modeling mechanism using super-alloy wires


  • Aircraft engines
  • Gas turbine combustors
  • Steam turbine blades (650°C)
  • Large valves (high temperature, high pressure)
  • Steam turbine high-pressure casings
  • Welding repair work
Gas turbine combustor component

Example:Gas turbine combustor component
Printing time:3hours

Product Lineup

Product Feature
USC800 High-strength, high-weldability Ni-based alloy
AD730® Aircraft engine disk material (raw material supplied by Aubert & Duval)
Alloy939 Aircraft engine stator vane material, γ' phase precipitation of 35 vol%
Alloy738 Aircraft engine moving blade material, γ' phase precipitation of 50 vol%
Alloy247 Aircraft engine moving blade vane material, γ' phase precipitation of 70 vol%
COWALOY® High-strength Co-based alloy (raw material supplied by Daido Steel Co., Ltd.)