High-strength super-alloy wires for additive manufacturing (AM)

Additive Manufacturing

Wire manufacturing technology for enabling faster 3D printing.

Mitsubishi Powder’s original manufacturing technology, “MH Process,” has realised stronger, easier-to-process, high-strength super-alloy wires.


Super-alloy wires with a high heat resistance required by aircraft engine parts


Aircraft engines, GT combustors, ST blades (650℃), large valves (high temperature, high pressure), ST high-pressure casings

Product Lineup

  • USC800: High-strength, high-weld-ability Ni-based alloy
  • AD730® Aircraft engine disk material (Note1)
  • Alloy939: Aircraft engine stator vane material, γ' phase precipitation of 35 vol%
  • Alloy738: Aircraft engine moving blade material, γ' phase precipitation of 50 vol%
  • Alloy247: Aircraft engine moving blade vane material, γ' phase precipitation of 70 vol%
  • COWALOY® High-strength Co-based alloy (Note2)
  • 1Material supplier by Aubert & Duval
  • 2Material supplier by Daido Steel Co., Ltd.

Mechanism of 3D printing using super-alloy wire

The 3D printer feeds a wire from the nozzle and laminates the molten metal to form the component shape. This system can produce a relatively large part in a short time, for example, for the repair of an aircraft engine or valve.


Mitsubishi Power’s patented technologies and processing technologies have to solveed various issues in using high-strength super-alloy wires for AM applications.

  • Mitsubishi Power’s patented technology (MH Process) has enabled the production of high-strength wires that could not be manufactured by using conventional technologies.
  • In addition to welding repairs, High-strength super-alloy wires can be used by Direct Energy Deposition (DED)-system 3D printers.
  • For small-lot production of made-to-order materials, please contact our company. We deliver products in the following specification range: Rod shape: φ1.0 to 5.0 mm, wire shape: φ1.0 to 1.6 mm x 10 m or more.

Mitsubishi Power’s proprietary high-strength super-alloy wire manufacturing technology
“MH Process”