Creating a sustainable future through hydrogen generation


Heads of states have collectively signaled the need to move towards a carbon-neutral society.
Finally, the world is accelerating efforts to go carbon-free.
To advance this effort across the society,
we need to realize a net-zero-carbon infrastructure in power supply and
it is vital that we drive the shift to hydrogen generation.
Our lives and the future of the Earth depend on the hydrogen generation technology.


Development status

Our hydrogen combustion technologies can be applied to a wide range of gas turbines from small to large frame in the 30MW to 1280MW class.

Development status

* Table of hydrogen mixing ratio for each gas turbine model


Accelerating the shift to decarbonization.
Driving the potential of hydrogen generation.

What is hydrogen generation?
How do we make our society carbon-neutral?
What are the global initiatives taken on by Mitsubishi Power?


All eyes on hydrogen energy

Globally, there are projects underway to convert existing thermal power plants to 100% hydrogen-fueled plants. Why hydrogen energy now?

Here's a look into the potential of hydrogen which resonates strongly with our values today.


Engineer Interview: Developing large-scale hydrogen gas turbines

With multiple projects being rolled out globally leveraging hydrogen for creating a carbon-neutral society, the interest in hydrogen-power is becoming more intense by the day.

We asked the engineer who was part of development team for the hydrogen gas turbine to explain our approach to modify the GT to help facilitate our way to a hydrogen-power society.

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