Upgrades & Retrofits

We know that your business is to operate and maintain a competitive power plant. Our job is to help you determine the best way forward. Whether you’re optimizing your operations through upgrades or considering an extensive retrofit, Mitsubishi Power’s expertise can move you forward.  

  • Increase Performance
  • Improve Reliability
  • Reduce Cost
  • Fuel Flexibility

The Challenge

Over the past decade, many factors have tested the grid’s stability and resilience. From increasing reliance on renewables, shifting to electrification, and developing legislation, power producers have more to consider now than ever. Finding the right partner to navigate these considerations can make the journey easier.  

Our Solutions

We know that buying one of our units is more than just an equipment purchase - it's an investment in your future. As the technology progresses, our mature frames benefit from these upgrades, ensuring your generation is reliable, flexible, and efficient. Investing in optimizing your operational profile will save you money, help you meet regulation, and keep you compliant.   

We utilize advanced technologies developed in our latest gas turbine models to upgrade existing machines and improve operability, performance, maintainability, and reliability of existing plants. We provide: 

  • Flexibility upgrades 
  • Turndown solutions 
  • Low carbon fuel conversions 
  • Advanced digitalization 

Our Approach

Mitsubishi Power’s philosophy is simple – validation is at the center of everything we do.  

Through our facilities Nagasaki Carbon Neutral Park, a center dedicated to the development of energy decarbonization technologies, and T-Point 2, our validation plant located at Takasago Machinery Works, we continue to develop and validate technologies to upgrade our existing technologies.  

Plant McDonough-Atkinson 

Plant McDonough Atkinson Site

Learn how Georgia Power, Mitsubishi Power, Southern Company Research & Development, and EPRI were the first to validate 20% hydrogen fuel blending on an advanced class gas turbine in North America. The successful hydrogen blending demonstration at Plant McDonough-Atkinson serves as an example to other CCGT power plants on how to safely increase hydrogen fuel blending percentages without impacting system reliability, all while reducing emissions and improving the turbine’s efficiency.

John Harter-2873_Headshot

Why Mitsubishi Power

Mitsubishi Power is the only OEM with a grid-connected facility where our state-of-the-art engineers work through real world scenarios to refine technologies before entering commercial operation at your site. 

We are present in more than 30 countries, ensuring that we bring expertise and accumulated years to customers and communities around the world.  We work side by side with our customers to tackle challenges and create solutions as we all work towards a net-zero future.

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Want to learn more about Mitsubishi Power’s Upgrades and Retrofits Solutions?

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Want to learn more about Mitsubishi Power’s Upgrades and Retrofits Solutions?

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