Get a closer look at how we’re helping to build the hydrogen infrastructure of tomorrow through our work at the Advanced Clean Energy Storage project. Located in Delta, Utah, ACES Delta will be a large renewable energy storage facility capable of decarbonizing the western United States and supporting the seamless integration of hydrogen into existing energy systems.

  • Client: Intermountain Power Agency (IPA)
  • Location: Delta, Utah
  • Scope: Hydrogen Energy Storage

Client : Intermountain Power Agency (IPA)

Location : Utah

Scope : M501JAC Gas Turbines

Client : Georgia Power

Location : Smyrna, Georgia

Scope : Six M501G Gas Turbines and three Steam Turbines

Client : Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA)

Location : U.S. (Oklahoma)

Scope : M501J gas turbines

Client : Geotérmica para el Desarrollo S.A.P.I. de C.V. (GEODESA)

Location : Mexico (Nayarit)

Scope : Steam Turbines, TOMONI® Suite of intelligent solutions

Client : Jackson Generation

Location : Elwood, Illinois

Scope : M501 JAC

Client : Capital Power Corporation

Location : Canada (Alberta)

Scope : M501JAC gas turbines

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