M701 G Series

Our M701 G Series gas turbines are high performance large-capacity gas turbines for 50 Hz power generation, featuring the turbine inlet temperature of 1,500°C. The G-Class fleet has accumulated over 7 million actual operating hours of reliable performance for over 20 years.

  • Unrivaled Reliability

    Over 7 million actual operating hours

  • Simple Cycle Output

    330 MW (50 Hz)

  • Combined Cycle Output

    500 MW / 1,000 MW

  • Combined Cycle Efficiency

    More than 59%

As the demand for electricity grows significantly, Mitsubishi Power provides customized, flexible, and fast-track power generation solutions to help you meet energy needs under the most demanding and adverse conditions.

Gas Turbine Services

Our comprehensive gas turbine services, we provide customers with everything from spare parts to outage support, all delivered with our exceptional quality and expertise.