Control Systems

Control systems have become key devices in the handling of enormous volumes of process information as well as local device information. This has created the need for control systems to strike a balance between openness and high security in order to work with higher level systems and achieve optimum operation.

Mitsubishi Power has developed and supplied control systems that maintain high reliability and utilization rates while meeting maintenance support and safety requirements at power plants over several decades and throughout the lifecycle of machinery and equipment.

What is DIASYS?

DIASYS, which stands for Digital Intelligent Automation System, is a distributed control system that is focused on achieving the high reliability and flexibility that enables high operational utilization. The system incorporates extensive expertise and control technologies, culminating in a distributed control system (DCS).

DIASYS Netmation and DIASYS Netmation4S are the latest control systems offered by Mitsubishi Power.

Key Features:

  • High reliability
  • Advanced control functions
  • Excellent operability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Flexibility and expandability

Flexible System Configurations Tailored to Customer Requirements

DIASYS Netmation and DIASYS Netmation4S offer flexible system configurations tailored to customer requirements, from small plants to large-scale facilities such as thermal power plants.

Our unique perspective as a plant manufacturer allows us to contribute to customer profits with systems developed in pursuit of reliability.

We also offer an extensive range of optional products to support plant operation.

Industrial Technology|デジタルネットワーク

A Combination of Know-how and Expertise Based on Over 35 Years of Experience

DIASYS maintains high reliability and an impressive utilization rate as a system, while incorporating the extensive expertise and control technologies Mitsubishi Power possesses as a plant manufacturer, culminating in a distributed control system (DCS) with ease of handling for everyone, from operators to plant engineers and maintenance personnel.


Vast Product Lineup

Our full hardware product lineup can offer a wide range of solutions from compact systems to large-scale systems. DIASYS provides large-size controllers (MPS: Multiple Process Station) and small-size controllers (CPS: Compact Process Station). A distributed system can be designed and offered based on its use and scale with the optimum balance between cost and performance. For thermal power plants, DIASYS can offer control and monitoring functions for the entire plant.

Control & Digital Services

From providing parts, component repairs, and inspections to designing and providing complete overhauls, we have the experience and knowledge to support your needs.

Control & Digital Success Story

Business district|ビジネス街

Controls Upgrade Adds Resiliency & Flexibility

Enel Generación Costanera is the largest thermal power plant in Argentina. ENEL viewed the upgrade of the Costanera GTCC DCS and power block control systems as a key enabler for
digitalization required to support decarbonization, the increased penetration of renewables and long-term sustainability. The challenge was how to implement the upgrade in a preplanned and phased manner that had the least disruption to normal plant operation.

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