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Bold Moves for a Brighter Tomorrow

Located in Delta, Utah, the Advanced Clean Energy Storage project will be a large renewable energy storage facility. Capable of decarbonizing the western United States, the site will enable utility and industrial-scale green hydrogen production from renewable energy sources and store the hydrogen in underground salt dome caverns to provide a huge reservoir of renewable fuel for power generation. The first project to combine utility and industrial-scale renewable hydrogen production, storage, and transmission, the Advanced Clean Energy Storage project will support the Intermountain Power Agency’s (IPA) IPP Renewed Project—an 840 MW hydrogen-capable gas turbine combined cycle power plant that will initially run on a blend of green hydrogen and natural gas starting in 2025 and incrementally expanding to 100% green hydrogen by 2045. From this initial project, ACES Delta will deploy hydrogen hubs across the United States to accelerate and support the clean energy transition.

Providing Over 300 GWh of Clean Energy Storage

The Advanced Clean Energy Storage project will initially be designed to convert over 220 MW of renewable energy to 100 metric tonnes per day of green hydrogen, which will then be stored in two massive salt caverns capable upon start-up of storing more than 300 GWh of dispatchable clean energy. It would take more than 80,000 shipping containers of lithium-ion batteries to produce the equivalent megawatt-hours of energy that one hydrogen salt cavern can store. Just one of the salt caverns at the Advanced Clean Energy Storage site has the capacity to store the entire state of California’s monthly curtailed energy.

Making the Hydrogen Revolution a Reality

Explore the potential of clean hydrogen, from quick wins to long-term vision, as we work towards accelerating the transition to a net-zero future. More regulatory action, commercial projects, permitting reform, scalable production, and increased investment are needed to drive progress in this early stage of clean-hydrogen energy. Collaboration among stakeholders is essential for realizing the enormous potential of Earth’s lightest molecule.

Complete End-to-End Solution for Clean Energy

From the Advanced Clean Energy project in Utah to storage hubs in the northeast, mid-Atlantic, and Gulf coast, our hydrogen technologies enable large-scale, long-duration energy storage that shifts variable renewable energy over time, from hours to seasons, when the grid needs it most.

Hydrogen why now

Hydrogen: Why Now and What For?

At Mitsubishi Power we’re in a position to innovate in decarbonization, foster new strategic collaborations and commercialize new solutions – all of which will empower the world to reach net zero goals in 2040 or sooner.