Unlock the power of digitalization and embrace seamless operations with our proven solutions that harness the potential of data analytics. We offer predictive maintenance, remote tuning, and real-time monitoring with robust cybersecurity measures that safeguard your operation, all while helping your plant operations to be more efficient, reliable, and secure so you can continue to deliver to your customers. 

  • Asset Intelligence
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  • Improved asset visibility, agility and efficiency
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity solution
  • Systems and components with built-in intelligence
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Overcoming key energy challenges

Today's energy market is facing various challenges, including the growing risk of cyber-attacks, the need to control costs, and the pressure to meet environmental goals. To develop and maintain cybersecurity resilience as you advance your digital capabilities, you need the right partner with a combination of technological innovation and energy industry and cyber security know-how—because keeping your critical infrastructure secure is a continuous process that requires specialist knowledge and constant attention. 

Delivering savings and peace-of-mind with bundled TOMONI products and services

Our solutions are designed to help your plant operations become more efficient, reliable, and secure, allowing you to continue delivering to your customers. We’re leading the energy transition with the development of the smarter power plant with TOMONI®, a suite of intelligent solutions that accelerate decarbonization with power plant design, O&M, and system knowledge, together with strong customer and partner collaborations. 


Our Approach

By combining advanced digital control systems, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, TOMONI integrates the entire plant ecosystem to seamlessly interact with the electrical power grid, energy storage, hybrid plants, and renewable generation sources. From remote monitoring and diagnostics to multi-layered cybersecurity and better fuel efficiency, our suite of digital products and services guarantees longer reliability, lower emissions, and increased O&M savings to accelerate your path to decarbonization. 


Digital Success Story

T-Point 2: The World’s Smartest Power Plant 

T-Point 2 is the only plant of its type in the world. Mitsubishi Power takes a unique approach to develop and prove advanced gas turbine technology needed for a secure and reliable grid. To ensure the reliability and performance of advanced class gas turbines, in addition to advanced controls with intelligence, auxiliaries and supporting systems, we built our own ultramodern, grid-connected T-Point 2 facility featuring the JAC gas turbine and TOMONI intelligent solutions.  

Power Plant Cybersecurity in a Globally Connected World

The energy transition requires increased communication and connectivity between thermal power plants, renewable and distributed generation, energy storage and the grid—which makes securing your systems a formidable task. However, safe, secure connectivity and digital communications have been proven possible with knowledge, understanding and the right attention.

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