Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine Product List

FT4000® SWIFTPAC® Gas Turbine Package

The FT4000® SWIFTPAC® unit is the world's largest-capacity aero-derivative gas turbine power supply package. The unit performs with a simple-cycle efficiency of 41% or higher and rated outputs of 70 to 140 MW. The package has an optimal modular design, based on proven features of the FT8® packages, that decreases site installation work.

  • Gas-turbine single-body efficiency

    >41% simple-cycle efficiency

  • Most powerful aero-derivative package available in its class (SWIFTPAC® 140)

    140 MW

  • Fastest load change rate in its class

    50% per minute

  • Significant commonality with aero engine

    High reliability

  • Features
  • Arrangement
  • Solution
  • BATTPAC™ Hybrid solution
  • Enables a start-up time of less than 5 minutes from cold start with outstanding system stability and a load change rate of 50% per minute
  • High-performance, diversified operability based on the properties of independent-output turbines (free turbines)
  • Reduced O&M cost and cost of ownership
  • Quick engine change out affords high unit availability
Output140 MW (Water Injection, Inlet Air Cooling)
FuelDual Fuel (Gas/Oil)
Starting Time<5 minutes (cold to full load)
Cooling MethodAir Cooling
FoundationFlat (non-pit)
Power Cable ConnectionQuick-disconnect Cable
  • A system (FT4000®SWIFTPAC® 140) with two gas turbines in twin configuration driving one generator helps reduce the construction unit cost and installation area per output.
  • Individual smaller HRSG/SCR recommended for each engine.
  • The free turbine construction of the power turbine (PT) eliminates the need for reduction gears and helps reduce the capacity of the lubricating oil equipment while improving performance.
  • No clutch is needed during synchronous condensing operation (control of systme voltage by monitoring).

Aero-derivative Gas Turbine (GT) + Energy Storage System (ESS) + Energy Management System (EMS)

Expanded introduction of renewable energy and enhanced CO2 reduction features for rapid entry into the new electric power market!


  • 1. Support for wide-ranging functions, from system stabilization analysis to component selection and capacity/system determination.
  • 2. Centralized, single-party responsibility through the collective arrangement of major components from our company (GT, ESS, EMS, etc.).
  • 3. An optimal system reflecting actual experience in operating “renewable energy + ESS” units.
SystemOnly GTOnly ESSGT + ESS
1. CAPEXBaseExpensiveA little expensive
2. OPEXBaseInexpensiveInexpensive
3. Standby fuelYes (during constant parallel-in)NoNo
4. CO2 creditNoYesYes
5. Instantaneous power generationPossible (during constant parallel-in)PossiblePossible
6. Response speedBaseRapidRapid
7. Correspondence to surplus electricity of renewable energyNot possiblePossible (charging)Possible (charging)
8. D/G for blackout emergencyNecessaryNot necessaryNot necessary
9. Synchronized condensing operationPossibleNot possiblePossible
10. Long-term continuous operationPossibleNot possiblePossible

Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine Services

Mitsubishi Power Aero offers a full range of maintenance, overhaul and repair, and field service for aero-derivative gas turbine engines. We also offer Long Term Service Agreements (LTSA) and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Services.