Power Generation

Your needs and the demands of power generation change. Our partnership won’t.

Whether you’re focused on modernizing the grid, anticipating demand growth, or ensuring reliability, we have proven solutions to support your needs. Meeting your customer’s expectations in a secure, sustainable, and reliable way is what we plan for, so you don’t have to.

  • Highly Efficient Technologies
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  • Lower Carbon Emissions
  • Long-Term Validation Expertise
  • Utility-Scale Renewable Development

The Challenge

Our world faces the major challenge of providing a consistent and affordable supply of energy while moving towards a zero-carbon economy. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) anticipates that global electric power generating capacity will increase by up to 76% in 2050. This projected increase in demand comes from onshore manufacturing, data centers, and electrification. The demand for power generation isn’t slowing down, and neither are we.

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Our Solutions

Our solutions are more than the sum of their parts. We bring together the right mix of power generation technologies and advise on the strongest combination of implementing ideas through application. Our unique and deep expertise makes us the best partner to meet the increasing demand for cleaner, more efficient, and economical power in the face of an evolving grid.

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Our Approach

We are dedicated to developing our solutions with a great sense of urgency, while also ensuring that they are reliable and affordable. At Mitsubishi Power, we integrate research and development, design, manufacturing, and full-scale validation in a single location, the Takasago Machinery Works, which spans across a 250-acre campus. This enables us to deliver highly reliable power generation equipment to our customers.


J-POWER USA powering 1.2 million homes and counting

J-POWER_Jackson Generation Power Station

Discover how Mitsubishi Power and J-POWER USA worked together to bring the first JAC units to North America. The plant has powered 1.2 million homes and counting throughout the greater Chicago area and is positioned to support the growth of intermittent renewables and the evolving grid.


Why Mitsubishi Power

Your trust and partnership enables us to deliver innovative and pragmatic solutions. An intimate understanding of your needs and long-term vision, backed by our comprehensive support and proven reliability allows us to deliver bespoke support throughout the life cycle of your plant. This promise is an integral component in our suite of solutions.

What's The Value of Reliability?

The reliability of large gas turbines is paramount for the future of energy. In recent years, rolling blackouts across the U.S. have sounded an alarm for power systems throughout the country. If a power plant goes down—even for seconds or minutes—millions of dollars in revenue can be lost. Conversely, if a power plant can remain online and improve efficiency, tens of millions of dollars can be added to the bottom line.

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