Carbon Capture

We are committed to reducing CO2 emissions through our products, technologies, and services. We work closely with our partners worldwide to develop innovative solutions that contribute to achieving global Net Zero emissions. Our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on the environment and create a sustainable future for all.

Our Approach: Solving CO2 for Good

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MHI Group has proprietary post-combustion carbon capture technology. Our technology is advantageous due to its energy-cost efficiency and a proven track record of successful projects with industry partners. Carbon neutrality cannot be achieved by simply capturing CO2 from conventional power generation. The cement, steel, and transportation industries also produce CO2, which are the following challenge areas for reducing emissions. Shifting from point-source to open-source capturing of CO2 also shows significant promise in reducing atmospheric CO2, possibly providing a carbon-negative solution. The MHI Group is committed to finding effective solutions for the containment of CO2.

CO2 Capture Technology

  • KD CDR Process™
  • Advanced KM CDR Process™

Energy-efficient performance and dependability recognized worldwide

KM CDR Process™ is a CO₂ capture technology that can handle a variety of exhaust sources and a wide range of volumes, from small to large plants. In the early 1990s, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) collaborated with Kansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO) to develop the KM CDR Process™ and KS-1™ amine solvent. This was done to remove carbon dioxide from combustion gas exhaust streams. The KS-1™ amine solvent has been supplied to 13 plants worldwide, making it the top global market share holder. The technology used in this process can recover over 90% of CO₂ found in the target gas. The recovered CO₂ has a purity of over 99.9% by volume. Additionally, the process reduces steam consumption and is complemented by an energy-saving regeneration system.


Technical improvements offer greater economic enhancements

In the mission to achieve carbon neutrality, demand for CO₂ capture is growing worldwide at an accelerating pace. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering has developed “Advanced KM CDR Process™” using “KS-21™”, which adds technical enhancements to KS-1™, and has successfully completed testing at the Technology Centre Mongstad CO₂ capture test facility in Norway.

KS-21™ offers superior regeneration efficiency compared to conventional solvents. It also has lower volatility and greater stability against degradation, and is expected to achieve economic benefits and reduced running costs.


Harnessing Low-Carbon Energy

With over 3.5 million hours of operations on fuels containing hydrogen across 29 units since the 1970s, Mitsubishi Power has established itself as a leader in hydrogen-capable gas turbines technology. Our extensive experience and know-how in handling hydrogen as a fuel give us the confidence to guide you through the transition. 

A Path to Net Zero

Mitsubishi Power is helping accelerate the world's progress towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 or sooner. We influence driving innovation in decarbonization, developing a hydrogen and carbon ecosystem, and bringing new solutions to the market.

T-Point 2: The World’s Smartest Power Plant

Project Render_T-Point 2

Mitsubishi Power takes a unique approach to develop and prove advanced gas turbine technology needed for a secure and reliable grid. To ensure the reliability and performance of advanced class gas turbines, in addition to advanced controls with intelligence, auxiliaries and supporting systems, we built our own ultramodern, grid-connected T-Point 2 facility featuring the JAC gas turbine and TOMONI intelligent solutions.

Enabling Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the key to unlocking cleaner power. With the world seeking to reduce emissions from traditional power generation, hydrogen’s role as a clean energy source that does not emit carbon dioxide makes it a viable alternative. And Mitsubishi Power’s large-scale hydrogen-fueled power plants are making carbon-free power generation a reality.

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