Jackson Generation

Elwood, Illinois

Mitsubishi Power and J-POWER USA Expand JAC Units Deployment to North America

50 miles outside of Chicago sits Jackson Generation, a combined cycle facility in Elwood, Illinois that operates Mitsubishi Power’s M501JAC serial number 1 & 2 in North America.

The unique single-shaft configuration offers a smaller footprint, and the 8.000 hour-validated gas turbines provide flexible operation with over 99.5% reliability.

Since 2022, the plant has powered 1.2 million homes and counting throughout the greater Chicago area and is positioned to support the growth of intermittent renewables and the evolving grid.

“The performance of these machines is phenomenal—fantastic heat rate, a market leader at the forefront of gas turbine performance.” – Scott Freese, Plant Manager, Jackson Generation

Plant Characteristics

Powering 1.2 million homes

64% + efficiency

Flexible operation—fast ramp to full load in 30 minutes

A Sense of Togetherness

J-POWER USA saw more than a business relationship in Mitsubishi Power — they saw a company that aligned with their values and beliefs.

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“You don’t make an investment like this to turn off in 20 years. You’re making an investment for the long term, and part of that investment is having a partner who’s willing to walk down that road with you and help you out.”
– Kevin Miller, J-POWER USA

Fit for the Future

J-POWER USA selected the JAC hydrogen capable gas turbine for its ability to run on hydrogen in the future without major modifications. As hydrogen hubs continue to develop across the U.S., Jackson Generation is uniquely positioned to utilize clean hydrogen as it becomes available in the Mid-west.

Supported by a Long Term Service Agreement with Mitsubishi Power, the Elwood, Illinois power plant is positioned for success for many years to come.

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