One Team, One Future


Architecting a Better Future

At Mitsubishi Power, we're not just building better clean energy technologies; we're architecting a better future. With our deep expertise and global resources, we’re able to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. Our team is boldly redefining power generation and energy storage to fast-track the world's energy transition.

We operate as one team, pushing toward our vision of the future. Working with us means working together to get the job done. We go the extra mile, collectively driving our success. 

Here, people have more than a job. They have an opportunity to shape a fulfilling career. At Mitsubishi Power, we value problem solvers, prioritize collaboration, and support each other in an inclusive culture created through accountability and authenticity. 

Our work here matters. We tackle tough challenges through innovation, courageously working to change the world with cleaner energy. We thrive in the tenacity needed to keep the power on for our communities and customers. 

Together, we’re building the future we all aspire to — making net zero a reality. 

Pushing Toward Our Vision of the Future

We envision a better future that empowers our customers and communities to combat climate change and advance human prosperity in the most affordable and reliable way.

With over 2,800 employees in North, Central and South America, Mitsubishi Power is leading the transformation in power generation and energy storage. From the world’s most reliable advanced-class gas turbines to artificial intelligence systems for autonomous power plants and integrated energy storage solutions – we are at the forefront of power innovation ready to change the world together.

Our Work Here Matters

Building a better future we all aspire to requires a commitment to our guiding values. We operate safely, treat everyone like family, innovate for the future, create an inclusive environment, act with accountability, and are courageous to advance human prosperity.

Mitsubishi Power Core Values Safety


“Go anzen ni.” We cannot do what we do without prioritizing safety. It is at the center of everything we do, and we believe it is everyone’s responsibility, every day, everywhere. We have an uncompromising commitment to ourselves and to our customers to send everyone home safe at the end of each day.  

Mitsubishi Power Core Values Family


Family means we are good teammates who respect and trust each other. We offer feedback and listen with empathy, understanding, humility, and compassion to help create a positive work-life balance and support personal and professional growth.

Mitsubishi Power Core Values Innovative


Our future is what we make it. Being innovative means we act as forward-thinking, strategically ambitious leaders who are dreaming the future into a solid reality. We develop new technologies, ideas, business models, and ways of thinking in a culture that sees failure only as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Mitsubishi Power Core Values Courageous


We are courageous. That means we speak up, do what is right, and take bold steps for advancement. It is our duty to stay constantly curious, push boundaries, and strive to exceed expectations while respectfully challenging the status quo.

Mitsubishi Power Core Values Inclusive


We know diverse teams are smarter, more innovative, and more productive. We welcome differences and respect, empower, and learn from each other. We listen and communicate with gratitude and affirmation.

Mitsubishi Power Core Values Accountable


Being accountable means that shared success is achieved by balancing caring with ownership and operating with integrity. Our customers trust us to provide them with a best-in-class experience through commitment and follow-through. 

More Than a Job

You can shape a fulfilling career at Mitsubishi Power while enjoying industry-leading benefits.

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One Team, One Future

We value individuals passionate about what they do. From executives and engineers to machinists and technicians, we are looking for our next team member in a variety of roles. 

  • Engineering
  • Operations and Supply Chain
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing & Communications 
  • Machinists and Mechanics
  • Government Relations
  • Finance
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Shaping a Fulfilling Career

At Mitsubishi Power, we aim to empower employees to thrive personally and professionally. Our Employee Resource Groups help foster an inclusive environment where all employees can contribute to meaningful change. We energetically support these groups, which encourage employee leadership promote learning and development, make for a better place to work, and enhance community engagement. These groups include:

  • Harmony Resource Group
  • Women’s Resource Group
  • Digivation Resource Group
  • Volunteer Resource Group
  • Balanced Being Resource Group

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