The H-25 Series gas turbines were developed for both utility and industrial customers alike. Our team is committed to continuous improvement and striving for performance enhancements. The H-25 Series provides various options for decarbonization, such as replacing steam power plants with cogeneration plants or utilizing hydrogen. The H-25 will undergo verification for 100% hydrogen firing by 2024 at Takasago Hydrogen Park.

  • Simple Cycle Output

    40 MW

  • Combined Cycle Output

    60 MW

  • Co-generation Efficiency

    Greater than 80%

  • Hydrogen Capable


  • Co-generation
  • Package Design
  • Fuel Flexibility
  • Hydrogen Capability

A co-generation plant with the H-25 Series gas turbine produces the highest steam supply volume in the turbine class with high thermal efficiency.

The H-25 and its auxiliaries are designed for a flexible layout, minimizing on-site installation work and time, and easy transportation.

Able to utilize natural gas, off-gas, light oil, kerosene, bio-ethanol, and other fuel types. 

H-25 gas turbines use advanced combustion technology, capable of handling a variety of fuels such as off gas. For a future switch from existing fuel gas to hydrogen, the H-25 can accommodate a fuel conversion with minimal modification; only the combustion system needs to be changed. 

To accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen, Mitsubishi Power has developed the world’s first center for validation of hydrogen-related solutions, from production to power generation. The Takasago Hydrogen Park currently in operation, will be used to commercialize small and large gas turbines on a path to 100% hydrogen firing starting in 2025.

Enabling Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the key to unlocking cleaner power. With the world seeking to reduce emissions from traditional power generation, hydrogen’s role as a clean energy source that does not emit carbon dioxide makes it a viable alternative. And Mitsubishi Power’s large-scale hydrogen-fueled power plants are making carbon-free power generation a reality.

Gas Turbine Services

Our comprehensive gas turbine services, we provide customers with everything from spare parts to outage support, all delivered with our exceptional quality and expertise.