Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Unveils Revolutionary JAC Gas Turbine


Seven Technical Selections by Utilities and IPPs Signal a Change in Power

Orlando, FL– (December 13, 2016) Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) is revolutionizing power generation with the release of the M501JAC, an enhanced air-cooled J-Series gas turbine offering an unmatched combination of record output, efficiency and a proven 99.5 percent reliability during 11,000 hours of commercial operation.  Seven technical selections* by utilities and independent power producers in just the past few months provide industry endorsement of the revolutionary JAC.  The MHPS JAC operates with a combined cycle output of 540 MW and efficiency exceeding 63 percent. Replacing older coal fired power plants with the enhanced JAC can reduce CO2 emissions nearly 70 percent.

While other suppliers led the industry with F-class installations, MHPS has more Advanced Class Gas Turbines (ACGT) operating around the globe than the next two competitors combined.  Following up on the success of its steam-cooled and air-cooled G-series gas turbines, MHPS has already sold 45 steam-cooled J-series turbines, with 21 turbines currently in operation having racked up more than 335,000 hours of commercial operation at an unprecedented 99.3 percent reliability.  The enhanced JAC gas turbine adds an air-cooled combustor to the proven steam-cooled J-series.

“No competitor has demonstrated the reliability of a gas turbine of this size.  Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems has led the way in ACGT technology and reliability for 15 years by offering proven products with game changing performance. Our customers are embracing ACGTs over less efficient F-class products, recognizing there is a change in power taking place," said Paul Browning, President and CEO of MHPS Americas.  "And now MHPS is revolutionizing the Advanced Class one more time with an air-cooled J-Series that's larger and more efficient than any other turbine.  Utilities and IPPs around the globe have technically selected seven JAC turbines recently, signaling they recognize that only one turbine on the market today can provide the lowest cost of electricity and the lowest investment risk.  We deliver our gas turbines on time, they meet performance guarantees and they are reliable."

To convert the J-series from steam cooling to air cooling, modifications were made to the combustor and thermal barrier coatings were enhanced in the turbine section to allow for the higher firing temperature. The MHPS JAC offers plant operators enhanced flexibility through the use of air cooling technology.

At MHPS Takasago Machinery Works in Japan, the highly instrumented T-Point facility conducted full-speed full load testing of the JAC, followed by thousands of hours of reliability verification in commercial operation.  No other gas turbine manufacturer conducts this combination of short term performance testing and long term reliability verification for turbine designs before they are made available to customers. The air-cooled version has now accumulated more than 11,000 hours of commercial operation at a record 99.5 percent reliability.

“Our fundamental approach at MHPS is to use a combination of highly instrumented short term testing at different speeds and loads, followed by long-term reliability verification at T-Point before we release a first of kind product enhancement.  This differentiates us from other turbine manufacturers,” said Akimasa Muyama, Head of Turbine Products Headquarters for MHPS.  "There are a number of potential reliability issues, such as creep, low cycle fatigue and thermal barrier coating deterioration that require thousands of operating hours before they start to become apparent. We’re the only turbine OEM to have research and development, design, manufacturing, short term performance testing and long term reliability verification in a single location. That’s why the G-series is so successful, and why the J-series is the most reliable gas turbine in the world.  As a newly introduced product, with over 11,000 actual operating hours, having the highest reliability among longstanding competitors is unheard of in any industry.”

MHPS JAC units are being built and shipped from the Savannah Machinery Works in Georgia, as well as the Takasago Works in Japan. The JAC maintains the long standing features of a compressor shaft end drive, two-bearing rotor structure, axial flow exhaust, bolt-connected discs with torque pins on the compressor rotor and the CURVIC couplings on the turbine rotor discs.  All are proven designs for reliable operation.  When turbine servicing is required, horizontally split casings facilitate field removal of the blades and vanes with the rotor in place.

MHPS J-series turbines are digitally enabled, providing customers with real-time adaptive control and actionable knowledge by utilizing sensor and control system data to create the “Voice of the Plant.” MHPS digital solutions optimize plant performance, avoid unplanned downtime and enable predictive maintenance.

“We're enabling the power plant of the future,” Browning said. "The latest JAC is further proof of the reliable approach MHPS brings to creating a brighter future.”

*A technical selection is one of the first steps in developing a new power plant. It means that if the power plant is constructed and commissioned, it will use MHPS gas turbines. Following technical selection, a developer will proceed with securing financing, permitting and more.