Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Smashes 4 Million Actual Operating Hour Barrier with Advanced Class Gas Turbines


World Wide Fleet of 146 Units Sets New Milestones for Reliability and Efficiency

Lake Mary, FL– (March 30, 2017) Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems’ (MHPS) fleet of Advanced Class Gas Turbines recently achieved a major milestone by registering 4 million Actual Operating Hours (AOH) of service at power plants across the globe. In the process, MHPS and its fleet have continued to establish new records for reliability and efficiency.

“Smashing the 4 million AOH barrier for Advanced Class Gas Turbines is a major accomplishment,” MHPS Americas President and CEO Paul Browning. “As our industry transitions away from F-class technology and embraces advanced-class gas turbines, there is a change in power occurring. MHPS is revolutionizing users’ expectations for energy generators in terms of both reliability and efficiency. No other OEM has an Advanced Class Gas Turbine fleet the size of MHPS’ and our G- and J-Series turbines are leading the way in lowering the cost of electricity.”

The MHPS G-Series was first introduced in 1997, while the J-Series started operation in 2011. There are 146 of the MHPS Advanced Class Gas Turbines in operation worldwide, including 23 J-series units. Before the first unit is sold, a new turbine design undergoes  long time reliability verification testing at T-Point, an advanced combined cycle power plant at the MHPS Takasago Works in Japan.

At the Power Gen International trade show in December, MHPS unveiled its M501 JAC; the latest advance in turbine technology. This air-cooled J-Series turbine offers 540 MW of combined cycle output at an efficiency exceeding 63 percent. JAC units have achieved 99.5 percent reliability during 13,000 hours of commercial operation. This combination of superior performance and proven reliability is unmatched in the industry.

As precedent GT models, MHPS J-series turbines are  providing customers with real-time adaptive control and actionable knowledge by utilizing sensor and control system data to create the “Voice of the Plant.” MHPS digital solutions named “MHPS-TOMONI” optimize plant performance, avoid unplanned downtime and enable predictive maintenance. MHPS manufactures Advanced Class Gas Turbines at the Machinery Works in Savannah, Georgia, and at the Takasago Works.

“MHPS is the established industry leader and has been perfecting Advanced Class Gas Turbines for nearly two decades,” said Browning. “Our competitors were late in entering this segment of the market and are now struggling to fulfill their promises. MHPS is the only OEM that customers can trust to deliver the lowest cost of electricity and the lowest investment risk. Our reliable G- and J-Series turbines have been setting the pace for more than 4 million AOH. We’re proud of this achievement and of the strong relationships that we have fostered with our customers.”