Cloud-based data analytics and AI pattern recognition technology to provide
enhanced market competitiveness of Mitsui power plants in rapidly evolving
Mexican power sector

LAKE MARY, FLA. – (December 5, 2017) Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Inc (MHPS), in cooperation with Mitsui & Co. Power Development and Management Americas (MPA), have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate on digital initiatives designed to improve the market competitiveness of gas-fired combined cycle power plants in Mexico.

MHPS and its alliance partner OSIsoft® are collaborating with MPA to establish a Mitsui Digital Twin environment where MPA accumulates plant operation data and performs IOT software analysis under the MHPS-TOMONI MOU.  In addition, MHPS and their alliance partner Engineering Consultants Group (ECG) are working with MPA to implement and enhance the industry-leading Predict-IT APR (Advanced Pattern Recognition) software on a total plant basis in Saltillo, Mexico. MHPS-TOMONI brings together MHPS power generation expertise with best in class technologies from a number of software alliance partners. TOMONI is a Japanese word that means “together with” and reflects the emphasis MHPS places on collaborating with customers and alliance partners to provide on-board artificial intelligence that improves power plant performance throughout its life cycle.

“Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems believes this collaboration with MPA will lead to sharing successful experiences and lessons learned with other power plant owners and operators who are implementing MHPS-TOMONI Digital Solutions around the world. This type of cooperative effort will unlock methods to achieve improved plant performance," said Rick Inskeep, Senior Vice President of Power Generation Service for MHPS Americas.  "MHPS was an early pioneer in remote monitoring technology and the MHPS-TOMONI tools assist in decision-making and actions that lead to power plant optimization.”

Initial focus will include the 248-megawatt Saltillo Power Plant, commissioned in 2001 and located in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, Mexico.  MPA and MHPS will maintain their focus on continuous improvement of other Mitsui generating facilities that utilize MHPS equipment and service agreements.

“We’re excited to use industry-leading analytic technologies for machine learning to maximize the value of the Saltillo Power Plant and improve our competitiveness in Mexico’s rapidly changing power market,” said MPA.  “MHPS worked with us and our existing software providers to deploy a seamlessly integrated cloud-based advanced pattern recognition and remote monitoring system.”