Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Revolutionary JAC Gas Turbine Technically Selected for 26 Projects


Change in Power Revolution Continues

LAKE MARY, FLA. – (December 5, 2017) At  the 2016 Power Gen International Conference,  Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) announced the introduction  of the revolutionary JAC gas turbine, a new J-Series air-cooled gas turbine  that offered  a combination of enhanced efficiency, proven reliability and lower cost electricity that sets a new standard for the industry.  The introduction of the JAC symbolized a true change in power that continues today, discarding the status quo of GT technology.

One year later, MHPS is proud to announce that customers in Asia, the U.S., Mexico,  and South America have technically selected the M501JAC for their projects 26 times representing over 14 GW of new power projects.  MHPS has a long history for successfully delivering state of the art technology with uncompromising capabilities.

The JAC has an impressive 64% efficiency, 99.5% reliability and a combined cycle output of 575 MW. These industry leading statistics and the JAC’s flexible ramping capabilities that can address today’s grid fluctuations are the main reasons that IPPs and traditional utilities are selecting the JAC.  And only MHPS can offer its customers a proven, thoroughly tested design such as the JAC, with over 14,000 hours  operating hours at T-Point, MHPS’s validation facility.

“The success of the JAC is no coincidence,” said Paul Browning, MHPS President and CEO.  “The company started on a journey in 2004 by setting a goal of 65% efficiency and has methodically pursued that goal. As MHPS nears that achievement, the company recently introduced MHPS-TOMONI™ , a platform designed  to unlock the advantages of the digital power plant that places  importance on close collaboration between the OEM and the plant operator which will deepen our partnership with our customers.”

The choice by our customers that led to the 26 technical selections clearly demonstrates that MHPS is unlike other turbine OEMs and Tomoni reflects this vast difference. We value the close partnerships we have with our customers and recognize that this trust has helped us achieve record setting performance when it comes to the efficiency and reliability of MHPS Advanced Class Gas Turbines.

In addition to the 26  JAC Technical Selections, MHPS has 25 J-series gas turbines already in operation  and 31 more units ordered; the platform has more operating hours than our next two competitors combined.