• J-Series installed fleet now exceeds 30, with more than half a million hours of commercial operating experience
  • The GRDA project in Oklahoma set a global 60 hertz efficiency record at 62% and MHPS broke ground on a 65% efficient JAC power plant in Japan
  • MHPS further expanded the largest installed fleet of advanced class gas turbines in the industry

LAKE MARY, FL – (January 23, 2018) Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) today celebrated a year of recognition and achievement for the company’s J-Series gas turbine. The most advanced and efficient gas turbines available globally, the J-Series ended 2017 on a high note, recording milestones in operating hours, efficiency and digital capabilities

“The MHPS J-Series is an industry-leading product that provides incredible economy, efficiency, operational effectiveness, and durability to customers across the globe,” said Paul Browning, MHPS Americas president and CEO.  “MHPS is the global leader in Advanced-Class Gas Turbine technology, and 2017 has proven that the J-Series sets the standard for efficiency and reliability that the rest of the industry is chasing.”

Industry-Leading Operational Hours
The J-Series of MHPS gas turbines reached more than a half million operating hours, equivalent to more than 57 years of operational time.  One of the significant projects that propelled MHPS to this milestone was the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) plant in Oklahoma, which was the first J-Series deployed in the Western Hemisphere.  In March, the first fire was completed on the first attempt, with full-speed no-load tests conducted the same day. As a result of the efficiency and performance of the MHPS combined cycle system at GRDA, the plant is a first-on, last-off asset and a vital component of a robust Southwest Power Pool.

GRDA CEO Dan Sullivan applauded the high performance goals that have been met by the unit at the dedication ceremony.  “The unit was delivered to the site on time, in spite of many weather delays and other challenges, and started operation on the first effort.  The efficiency of the unit places GRDA in an excellent position within the Southwest Power Pool.”

Best-in-Class Efficiency and Digital Capabilities
Launched at Power Gen International in December of 2016, the air-cooled JAC gas turbine has proven to be a widely accepted disruptor to the industry, having been technically selected 26 times by customers since its commercial introduction just 12 months ago.  When paired with the MHPS-TOMONI ™ system, the JAC provides cloud-based data analytics, machine learning and predictive maintenance capabilities.

Industry Leadership
“The J-Series continues to provide unmatched performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction globally,” said Browning.  “2017 has proven to be a banner year for J-Series customers, and given the order volume, product advancements and consistent performance, MHPS expects to rely on the J-Series as a major component to our success in driving a Change in Power.”

Additional J-Series milestones reached or maintained in 2017 include:

  • GRDA reduced CO2 emissions by 65% compared to the coal-fired power plant it replaced.
  • 41 J-Series units have now shipped, and every unit was delivered to site on time
  • There have now been 26 technical selections for the air cooled JAC
  • MHPS J-Series has better than 99.5% reliability
  • Three J-Series projects in Mexico, a project in Virginia and a project in Pennsylvania are proceeding on schedule, promising 10 more J-Series in commercial operation in North America in the coming 18 months.
  • A JAC project won in the Brazilian Power auction in December.