Power Plant in Southwestern Ohio Continues the Transition from Coal-Fired Power Generation to the Cleaner Combination of Natural Gas and Renewables

MIDDLETOWN, OH – (May 21, 2018) Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas today joined NTE Energy and State of Ohio officials at a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Middletown Energy Center, a vital new power generation facility that will deliver cleaner, more affordable power to southwestern Ohio.

The Middletown Energy Center will be powered by MHPS M501GAC Gas Turbine equipment and technology in a combine cycle alignment.  This new facility will generate approximately 525 megawatts of power, enough to power more than 400,000 homes, or more than one and a half times the entire city of Cincinnati. The facility will be constructed, owned, and operated by NTE.  MHPS delivered their turbine significantly ahead of schedule, allowing for a first fire of the turbine in January 2018.

NTE President & CEO Seth Shortlidge said, “We chose MHPS as our technology provider for Middletown because they have the most reliable fleet of advanced-class gas turbines and a great reputation in our industry. Due to our power plant’s outstanding fuel efficiency, the electricity we produce will be some of the lowest cost in the PJM regional transmission authority.  This project has created over 600 jobs, contributing to the tax base of Middletown, and helping power economic growth in the State of  Ohio.”

MHPS’ leads all OEMs in the development and delivery of 60Hz Advanced-Class Gas Turbines rated above 250 MW.  With 158 units ordered since their first delivery in 2001, MHPS is the global fleet leader for Advanced-Class Gas Turbines.  The MHPS process of buying serial number 1 of any new technology and generating 8,000 hours of electricity in their own combined cycle power plant in Takasago, Japan has proven decisive in allowing them to achieve industry-leading reliability.

MHPS Americas President & CEO Paul Browning said, “I’m proud to be here in my home state of Ohio as we join NTE Energy’s celebration of a power plant that uses artificial intelligence and advanced-class gas turbine technology to dramatically reduce emissions.   When compared to retiring coal-fired power plants, our technology reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 65% and sulfur oxide emissions by 99%.  As power from natural gas and renewables continues to displace coal-fired power generation, we are helping our industry achieve a “Change in Power.”