PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA – (March 25, 2019) Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc. (MHPS) today announced the launch of Oriden, a renewable energy solutions provider.

Oriden – a play on the English word "origin" and the Japanese word "denki" (電気) meaning ‘electricity’ – is the start of a new type of power generation organization. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, the organization will be fully-backed by MHPS to pursue end-to-end offerings of renewable energy solutions, yet will operate independent of the larger company, enabling it the flexibility it needs to offer attractive solutions in this dynamic market segment.

Oriden can fulfill multiple roles within the renewable energy space, providing customized solutions based upon end-user needs — including development and permitting, construction, financing/ownership, and asset management. The team will initially focus on distributed renewable solutions, with an emphasis on solar PV and energy storage systems. This will include community solar, behind-the-meter commercial & industrial customers, and distribution level front-of-the-meter projects.

"Historically, MHPS has focused on providing industry-leading centralized power generation technologies as an original equipment manufacturer, and partnering with utilities, project developers and IPP’s in the centralized power segment. Our launch of Oriden allows us to also provide renewable solutions in the commercial & industrial distributed power segment," said Paul Browning, President and CEO of MHPS Americas. "Our vision as a company is to offer a wider range of power and energy solutions to meet our customers’ constantly changing needs. Launching Oriden is one step toward our broader vision for a Change in Power."

Oriden is a hardware and software agnostic entity and is currently working with a wide range of OEMs and vendors to offer the most attractive end-user solutions. The Oriden team is comprised of seasoned renewable energy developers, financiers, and operators. The team is led by industry veteran, Masahiro "Mas" Ogiso, who brings extensive experience heading renewable project development, corporate development, and M&A activities. "Our team is excited to develop and deliver new renewable energy solutions in the Americas. As a renewable energy start-up, we have a great opportunity to deliver innovative customer-focused solutions while enjoying the backing and stability of an entity with over a century’s worth of global power generation success."