products advancing the energy transition

Infrastructure plays a pivotal role as we accelerate toward a hydrogen-powered future. Mitsubishi Power Americas is engaged on building a robust hydrogen infrastructure to support the seamless integration of hydrogen into existing energy systems and supporting the energy mix required for the world of tomorrow. Through strategic partnerships and investments, we are creating a collaborative network that connects hydrogen production centers to end-users, catalyzing a widespread adoption of this transformative energy source as well as integration into existing energy systems. 

A dynamic and flexible energy mix is the key to the grid of the future, and we believe hydrogen is a key player in that mix. Mitsubishi Power is here to empower a sustainable future through innovative energy solutions.


State-of-the-art Power Plants Renowned Worldwide

Mitsubishi Power offers a range of power plants tailored to different applications and sizes. Our power plants are well regarded for their high reliability as well as for their exceptional operability and ease of maintenance. Accordingly, Mitsubishi Power has developed an extensive track record through numerous projects around the globe.