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Building A Smarter Power Plant


Today’s energy market is more challenging than ever with increased pressures to control costs and achieve environmental and business goals. Staying competitive requires a whole new, heightened level of power plant digitalization, predictive and prescriptive analytics, asset optimization and flexibility.


Together. Smarter. Powering The Energy Transition.

Mitsubishi Power is leading the energy transition with the development of the smarter power plant of the future with TOMONI®, a suite of intelligent solutions that accelerate decarbonization with power plant design, O&M and system knowledge, together with strong customer and partner collaborations.

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Driven by Collaboration

TOMONI, a Japanese word meaning “together with” reflects the emphasis we place on collaborating with customers to solve their unique challenges. Every power plant has different goals. This collaboration with power generators allows them to choose the intelligent solutions that support their specific business needs.

Mitsubishi Power works together with customers, partners and society to deploy solutions that accelerate the decarbonization of energy and deliver reliable power everywhere.

TOMONI brings together industry-leading Mitsubishi Power engineers with best-in-class technologies from leading software, platform and cybersecurity partners.

Tomoni Makes Power Plants Smarter, Delivering Superior Returns with Advanced Analytics and Automated Optimization

As a technology pioneer, Mitsubishi Power has decades of experience in applying remote monitoring, advanced digital control systems, predictive and prescriptive analytics and AI to provide truly intelligent solutions that support better decision-making. TOMONI performs automated optimization of key operating parameters, enables shifts to condition-based maintenance, and goes beyond what is humanly possible by analyzing all of the data available to create powerful actionable insights.

Mitsubishi Power is the only power plant technologist validating new smart products at our own grid-connected, commercially-dispatched power plant before we deploy them with a customer. T-Point 2 is the smartest power plant in the world with technology building blocks steadily moving us closer to autonomous operation. Tomorrow’s smarter power plants will be more intelligent, efficient and fault tolerant to deliver superior returns to their owners.

We build on the world-class cybersecurity of our software and platform partners, deploying the latest cloud-based technologies and secure edge and plant-based control systems for the highest level of cybersecurity.

TOMONI is Accelerating Decarbonization and the Energy Transition

Existing and new power plants world-wide have implemented TOMONI intelligent solutions to improve efficiency and increase flexibility of power plants so they are more dispatchable and complement intermittent renewable energy sources. The result supports decarbonization by reducing emissions while helping the grid deliver more reliable power from renewable energy sources.

Dispatchable power plants need to reduce O&M costs to remain profitable at lower capacity factors. TOMONI process improvements simplify maintenance procedures, enable a shift towards condition-based maintenance and increase remote O&M support capabilities for the entire plant.

Smarter power plants using TOMONI will have the data and analytics to work synergistically with renewable and hydrogen-based generation sources, and short-term and long-term energy storage, to optimally support the energy needs of a sustainable society.

Services and Solutions

As we advance in the development of the building blocks of the smarter power plant, we are creating a digital infrastructure that leverages advanced controls, artificial intelligence and machine learning with multi-layer cybersecurity to make energy systems smarter, more profitable and ultimately more autonomous on the road to a sustainable future.

Tomoni Data Foundation

Data Foundation & Enablers

TOMONI intelligent solutions provide a customizable range of platforms and upgrades for exactly the right data management and control system capabilities needed to achieve your digitalization objectives. From cybersecurity and digitalization assistance to control system upgrades, enabling platforms and remote monitoring and diagnostics, TOMONI provides the foundation and enablers needed to make your power plant smarter.

O&M Optimization

An essential element of a profitable power plant is its operation and maintenance. Leveraging decades of O&M experience, we’ve created asset management solutions that directly improve your power plant’s operation and maintenance, increasing personnel effectiveness and productivity. We provide expert recommendations from this experience, which can help you make smarter, more informed decisions for more effective maintenance planning and improved total plant reliability and uptime.

Performance Improvement

As the energy industry transitions to increasingly competitive wholesale power markets, improved dispatchability is pivotal to plant performance and sustained competitiveness. These total plant performance improvement solutions help increase your output and efficiency, which benefits your business and boosts your profits.

Flexible Operation

Our Flexible Operation solutions equip you to nimbly meet the changing demands of a market that includes increased renewable energy penetration — such as new grid support requirements, more starts, more time at part loads and less predictable fuel characteristics — and can also lead to new revenue streams in ancillary service markets.

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