Geothermal Power Plant A


A geothermal power plant extracts a portion of geothermal energy in the form of steam to drive turbines. In many cases, these plants are constructed at high altitudes near volcanoes, or in hilly areas. DIASYS caters to customer needs for remote operation and monitoring of the plant through communications between operator stations installed in distant customer offices and control equipment installed at the power plant.

Background to Introduction and Challenges Faced

To build a system for remote monitoring and operation, Mitsubishi Power needed to prepare a communications infrastructure to handle the large communication volume generated by a conventional control system. With DIASYS, Mitsubishi Power was able to utilize the existing low-volume communications infrastructure to achieve remote monitoring and operation by applying MHI Card Communication, an in-house communication protocol that features a minimal communication load.

Effects of Introduction

For Geothermal Power Plant A, an operator station was installed in a customer monitoring center around 100 km away from the plant and the customer's microwave link for security was used to achieve remote monitoring and operation.

System Configuration

System Configuration

Configurations and Specifications