Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)



A heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) is one of the major pieces of equipment in a gas turbine combined cycle power plant that boasts a high thermal efficiency and produces minimal CO2 emissions. An HRSG is a kind of heat exchanger that recovers heat from the exhaust gases of a gas turbine to an extreme degree. The heat is recovered in the form of steam which is served as the power source of a power-generating steam turbine.

For the heat-transfer tubes of an HRSG, finned tubes with excellent heat-transfer performance are employed. By adopting a compact design, the installation footprint of the equipment is reduced.

In addition, Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) equipment is installed inside the HRSG, reducing the content of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases released into the atmosphere.


Bird's-eye View of HRSG


High Performance and High Reliability

Since Mitsubishi Power delivered its first HRSG in 1963, it has pursued the optimization of its HRSG offerings based on an extensive delivery track record and operational experience.

Mitsubishi Power has manufactured and delivered HRSG with high reliability to accommodate the demand for higher gas turbine capacities as well as for higher temperatures and pressures in steam, associated with the higher efficiency and output of power plants.

Highly economical

Mitsubishi Power offers two types of HRSG, a vertical gas flow type (Vertical HRSG) and a horizontal gas flow type (Horizontal HRSG). In addition, by combining a vast array of established construction methods for assembly and installation, Mitsubishi Power can develop proposals with specifications optimized to the transportation and site requirements.

HRSG Types

Vertical HRSG


Horizontal HRSG

Construction Methods for Assembly and Installation (examples for horizontal HRSG)

Harp Construction Method


Block Construction Method


Modular Construction Method

Delivery Records

  • Triple Pressure Natural Circulation Type (Horizontal Gas Flow Type)
    Customer JERA Co.,Inc.
    Plant (Country) Kawasaki Thermal Power Station Units 2-2 and 2-3 (Japan)
    Steam rate 480 t/h (HP)
    140 t/h (IP)
    100 t/h (LP)
    Steam conditions HP Superheater outlet 602°C/15.4 MPa
    Reheater outlet 602°C
    LP Superheater outlet 252°C
    Start of operation 2016
  • Triple Pressure Natural Circulation Type (Horizontal Gas Flow Type)
    Customer Okinawa Electric Power Company
    Plant (Country) Yoshinoura Power Plant Units 1 and 2 (Japan)
    Steam rate 203 t/h (HP)
    37 t/h (IP)
    33 t/h (LP)
    Steam conditions HP Superheater outlet 550°C/11.0 MPa
    Reheater outlet 550°C
    LP Superheater outlet 232°C
    Start of operation 2012 / 2013