Steam Turbines for Industrial Plants

Steam Turbines

The following types of steam turbines are available for private/thermal power generation plants.

Modular Design (MD) Concept

Small/mid-sized steam turbines are designed based on a modular design (MD) concept in which standardized modules for turbine components, such as governing valve chests and low pressure exhaust casings are employed. These standard MD modules are selected according to turbine application requirements and combined to form a robust and highly reliable turbine design to meet the customer' s needs.

(Example) Extraction Condensing Turbine

  • Governing Valve
  • Extraction Control Valve
  • Exhaust Casing
  • Turning Equipment
  • Extraction Nozzle
  • Bearing Pedestal
  • Valve Servo Cylinder
  • Thrust Bearing
  • Journal Bearing
  • HP Gland Casing
  • Turbine-generator Coupling