Overview and Verification Status of T-Point 2 Demonstration Facility Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines

Combined Cycle Power Generation

T-Point 2 is located at Takasago Machinery Works in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
It is the only commercially operating power plant in the world that was specifically built for validation of power solutions.
Its uniqueness is the robust long-term validation process that minimizes risk for customers and gives assurance of product performance and durability for subsequent units of the same frame.

T-point 2

Purposes of the T-Point 2

  • To validate gas turbine technologies newly applied to achieve higher efficiency, allow operations at elevated temperatures, and reduce NOx.
  • To validate the reliability through long-term commercial operations of the highly efficient and environmentally friendly combined-cycle power generation.

Development of T-Point

The original T-Point demonstration facility began operation in 1997 with M501G (60 Hz), which was upgraded to M501J in 2010 and M501JAC in 2015 with response to the power industry’s demand for large-scale, high-efficiency power generation.
Since the original T-Point can not satisfy the further requirement for larger capacity and higher efficiency, we made a decision to build T-Point 2.
T-Point 2 entered full commercial operation with an enhanced JAC gas turbine from July 2020.

M501G/G1/GAC (1997 to 2010)
M501J (Since 2011)

Validation of Next Generation
Combined Cycle Power Generation

With its combination of gas turbine and steam turbine,T-Point 2 is cutting edge combined cycle power plant validation facility.
By developing next-generation technologies and validating them in T-Point 2 GTCC facilities, Mitsubishi Power helps its customers world-wide attain a stable electricity supply.
Long term demonstration of off-site plant control at T-Point 2 is conducted from the Mitsubishi Power Takasago TOMONI HUB (Analytics and Performance Center). Validation operations are run to increase the reliability of the entire plant including the main equipment such as turbines as well as auxiliary equipment such as pumps and fans. In addition, various applications of a suite of intelligent solutions TOMONI that serve to shorten start-up time and automatically optimize operation parameters are installed in T-Point 2. Mitsubishi Power will also be training its AI applications, allowing T-Point 2 to eventually become the world’s first autonomous combined cycle power plant.

Item T-Point T-Point 2
(5℃ air temperature)
330MW 389MW 566MW
Gas Turbine Type M501G M501J M501JAC
Tarbine Inlet Temperature 1,500℃ 1,600℃ 1,650℃
Year Operation Started 1997 2011(replacement date) 2020