Cutting-Edge Elemental Technology Producing 1600°C Class J Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines

The J-Series gas turbines incorporate elemental technologies proven with the F-Series, featuring the turbine inlet temperature of 1,400°C class to hold a proven track record in operation as well as with the 1,500°C class G-Series. In addition, achievements in research and development for the cutting-edge 1,700°C class technology in Japanese national projects (See Note) are applied to pave the way for their operation at a turbine inlet temperature of 1,600°C class.

  • Development of elemental technologies for the practical application of high efficiency gas turbines (2004-2007)
    Development of technologies for the practical application of high efficiency gas turbines (2008-2011)

Technical Features of the J-Series



Cutting-edge 3D technology is applied to reduce the shock wave loss in the initial stage and the frictional loss in the intermediate and final stages. These results were evaluated with 3D CFD-based analysis and verified with the high-speed operation test using a scale model.



The turbine inlet temperature is 1,600°C, which is 100°C higher than that of the G-Series. Combustor nozzles have been improved for more uniform mixing of fuel with air and low-NOx technologies for lowering the local flame temperature in the combustion area and have been applied to attain a NOx emission concentration equivalent to that of the G-Series.

Conventional Combustor Nozzle
Advanced Combustor Nozzle


In addition to the fully 3D design, the turbine aerodynamics technology developed in Japanese national projects is applied. For a temperature increase from the G-Series, the high performance cooling technology and the advanced thermal barrier coating (TBC) technology developed in Japanese national projects are employed.

Turbine Inlet Gas Temperature (°C)