Steam Turbines for Nuclear Power Plants

Steam Turbines


Steam turbines for nuclear power plants employ an extremely long last stage blade (LSB), with the high pressure (HP) turbine, low pressure (LP) turbine and generator arranged along a single rotor, generating up to 1,800 MW. The turbines are designed to be extremely safe and reliable with efficiency among the highest in the industry.

Nuclear Turbine Plant (3.57 MB)


Four Casing Turbine (HP Turbine - LP Turbine ×3)
For Nuclear Power Plants (1,251 MW)

Steam Turbine Specifications for Nuclear Power Plants

No. of casings Four casings (HP turbine - LP turbine ×3)
Output Up to 1,800 MW
Main steam conditions Up to 7.5 MPa / Up to 290°C
Reheat steam conditions Up to 280°C
Revolutions per minute 1,500 min-1 (50 Hz) / 1,800 min-1 (60 Hz)