Test Facilities

In-house Plant Test Facility

The performance and reliability of various turbine technologies can be verified in the Mitsubishi Power in-house power plant test facility, which is able to simulate actual plant operating conditions.


Installation of Special Instruments


During Rotor Installation


After Installation in Upper Casing

High-speed Balance Test Facility

We have the world' s largest high-speed balance test facility to accommodate large steam turbines for nuclear power plants employing even larger last stage blades.


High-speed Balance Equipment

Actual Steam Load Test Facilities

Reliability of the blades in the low-pressure stages is tested in our two in-house test facilities, which allow a full-scale test up to 50-inch class blades in addition to a down-scale test to be carried out using actual operating steam conditions and load for the turbines.


Full-scale Actual Steam Load Test Facility


Down-scale Actual Steam Load Test Facility