H-25 Series

Gas Turbines
  • Standalone Gas Turbine Output

    40 MW class

  • Combined Cycle Output

    60 MW / 120 MW class

  • Co-generation Efficiency

    More than 80%

  • High Reliability

    Cumulative total operating time exceeding 6.3 million hours

High reliability gas turbines for industrial customers

The H-25 Series gas turbines were developed for utility customers and industrial customers in both 50 Hz and 60 Hz regions. Its first unit came into commercial operation in 1988.

Then Mitsubishi Power continued its efforts to improve the design of the H-25 Series gas turbines. While incorporating advanced elemental technologies and material technologies verified with the H Series gas turbines, we are continuously working to improve performance.

Replacement of the steam power plant with an H-25 Gas Turbine cogeneration plant

Mitsubishi Power's H-25 Gas Turbine is part of the decarbonization solution.
Replacing the steam power plant with an H-25 Gas Turbine cogeneration plant has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption.


The H-25 Series gas turbines are a heavy duty type that attains high efficiency on the basis of ample experience in manufacturing gas turbines.

They achieve high efficiency with heat recovery steam generators, as co-generation systems or combined cycle power plants.

The H-25 Series features simple cycle gas turbine output of 41 MW and a combined cycle output of around 60 MW for a 1 on 1 configuration and around 120 MW for a 2 on 1 configuration. When applying cogeneration, they supply a maximum of around 70 metric tons of steam per hour.


  • Heavy duty structure: A highly reliable structure in consideration of ease of maintenance and long continuous operation
  • High efficiency: High performance in various power generation cycles (simple, combined and co-generation)
  • Fuel flexibility: Natural gas, off gas, light oil, kerosene, bio-ethanol, etc.
  • Package type: Easy to transport and install


Compressor Number of Stages 17
Combustor Number of Cans 10
Cooling Method Air Cooled
Turbine Number of Stages 3
Rotor Number of Rotors 1
Output Shaft Cold End
Rated Speed 7,280 rpm
Gas Turbine Approx. L × W × H 7.9 × 3.8 × 3.9m
Approx. Weight 55 ton

Simple Cycle Performance

Cycle 50/60 Hz
ISO Base Rating 41.0 MW
Efficiency 36.2 % LHV
LHV Heat Rate 9,949 kJ/kWh
9,432 Btu/kWh
Exhaust Flow 114 kg/s
253 lb/s
Exhaust Temp 569 °C
1,056 °F
Emission NOx 15 ppm@15%O2
CO 9 ppm@15%O2
Turn Down Load 50 %
Ramp Rate 3.4 MW/min
Starting Time 22 minutes

Combined Cycle Performance

1 on 1 Plant Output 60.1 MW
Plant Efficiency 54.0% LHV
2 on 1 Plant Output 121.4 MW
Plant Efficiency 54.5% LHV
Starting Time 55 minutes

Performance Correction Curves

  • Effects of Compressor Inlet Temperature on Gas Turbine Performance (Typical)

  • Effects of Barometric Pressure on Gas Turbine Performance (Typical)


Package Design


The package design of the H-25 Series has the following advantages.

  • Minimize on-site installation work and time
  • Flexible layout
  • Short delivery period
Package H-25
1 Gas Turbine 55 ton
2 Lube Oil Tank, Reduction Gear and Auxiliaries 63 ton
3 Generator 83 ton
4 Air Intake System 36 ton
5 Exhaust System (excluding silencer duct, stack) 8 ton

Typical Plant Layout: Simple Cycle


Typical Plant Layout: Co-generation


Typical Plant Layout: 1 on 1 Combined Cycle


Typical Plant Layout: 2 on 1 Combined Cycle


A co-generation plant with the H-25 Series gas turbine produces the highest steam supply volume in the turbine class and high thermal efficiency.
We offer system engineering in response to a request for a combination of electric power and steam.

Power Output 39.6 MW
Heat Output (6 MPa / 300 deg C) 79 ton/h
Overall Efficiency (LHV) More than 80 % LHV
  • The figures specified above represent gross performance figures for gas fuel under ISO conditions (atmospheric pressure of 1,013 hPa, atmospheric temperature of 15°C and relative humidity of 60%).

System Configuration


Steam Flow without HRSG Supplementary Firing


Steam Flow with HRSG Supplementary Firing


Main Delivery Records


H-25 Series Gas Turbine Project (Venezuela)


H-25 Series Gas Turbine Project (Indonesia)


H-25 Series Gas Turbine Project (Japan)


H-25 Series Gas Turbine Project (Bahama)

Recent Orders

Qty Year of starting operation Plant specifications
Niigata thermal Power Station, Tohoku Electric Power Co., Ltd. (Japan) 2 2011 Combined cycle
Niigata thermal Power Station, Tohoku Electric Power Co., Ltd. (Japan) 1 2012 Simple cycle
Anji, Amber Energy (China) 1 2012 Combined cycle
Tatarstan AMMONI Fertilizer, AMMONI (Russia) 1 2015 Co-generation
Keramasan Power Plant Extension, PLN (Indonesia) 2 2013 Combined cycle
Gas Turbine Units 1 and 2, Himeji No. 1 Power Station, Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (Japan) 2 2012 Simple cycle
Queen Elizabeth, SaskPower (Canada) 3 2015 Combined cycle
Blue Hills Power Station, Bahamas Electricity (Bahama) 1 2013 Simple cycle
Yosu, LG Chem (Korea) 1 2014 Co-generation
Yoshinoura Thermal Power Plant, The Okinawa Electric Power Co., Inc. (Japan) 1 2015 Simple cycle
Daesan, LG Chem (Korea) 1 2015 Co-generation
Ningbo, Kefeng Thermal Power (China) 1 2015 Combined cycle
Korea Petrochemical Ind. Co., Ltd. (Korea) 1 2017 Co-generation