Domestic Beverage Plant - Filling Line Monitoring System


The system boost production efficiency as a production control system performing monitoring and operation of filling lines in a beverage production plant.

The system is also designed to be flexible so that the customer can make their own modifications to the system when improvements are required due to changes in equipment operation or otherwise.

Background to Introduction and Challenges Faced

The customer wanted the ability to make changes to screens and logic on its own for a newly installed filling line monitoring system. DIASYS Netmation was adopted in recognition of its flexible system modification features.

Effects of Introduction

With introduction of the system, the customer can change graphics and add communication points with systems produced by other companies on its own, leading to lower system modification costs.

In addition, utilizing the remote monitoring features, the customer can perform monitoring and operation from a building remote from the site, allowing equipment abnormalities to be quickly handled, and supporting efficient plant operation.

System Configuration

Domestic Beverage Plant - Filling Line Monitoring System


Monitoring and Operational Features

Batch Monitoring

Multiple on-site manufacturing units controlled with PLCs produced by other companies are monitored at once.

Based on the signals read from each PLC, plant operation can be centrally controlled, including the configuration of production plans and reflection in management information.

Alarm Display

When an equipment malfunction occurs, a real-time alarm is displayed on the monitoring screen, supporting early discovery of abnormalities. A per-device history of alarm triggering and restoration can also be displayed.

Domestic Beverage Plant - Filling Line Monitoring System-2

Trend Display

Equipment operational status and fault signals can be managed through a trend display.

Real-time trends covering periods of up to 24 hours and historical trends for up to 30 days can be displayed.

Domestic Beverage Plant - Filling Line Monitoring System-3

Management Support Features

Form Features

Data collected from on-site manufacturing equipment is managed in the form of daily, monthly and yearly reports.

This system also incorporates a feature to display automatic collection, receipt and delivery on a per-model or per-container basis, allowing display of alarm triggering and restoration times, status, alarm numbers and alarm names.

Domestic Beverage Plant - Filling Line Monitoring System-4

Production Planning Control

The type and number of beverages to be produced and the working schedule is set on a daily basis to enable systematic plant operation.

Energy Consumption Rate Control

By applying logical computations to the data collected from on-site production equipment, the amount of energy required to produce each type of beverage can be managed through graphics and trend displays.

Weekly Timer Setting

By setting start-up times for each piece of on-site equipment and activating the equipment accordingly, wasted energy consumption is eliminated.

Optional Features