Remote Turbine Vibration Diagnostics

Control Systems


This service offers remote vibration analysis from the Remote Operation and Maintenance Assistance Center located in Mitsubishi Power Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works. This service is available for steam turbines that Mitsubishi Power has delivered so far.

Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works opened the Remote Operation and Maintenance Assistance Center in September 2000. The center has been able to remotely monitor thermal power plants, wind power facilities, ships, and so on. In addition, thanks to the recent rapid advancement of IT technologies such as the Internet and communication lines as infrastructure, the center can now offer a service with more added value.

With the new service, based on the collected vibration data, turbine engineers and vibration engineers evaluate vibration and create and send out diagnostic reports. In addition, they monitor for signs of malfunction and support improvement of facility operations.

Remote Operation and Maintenance Assistance Center


Diagnosis/Evaluation Reports Created by Experts

The vibration data of the customer's steam turbine and the plant operation data are sent through a communication network and recorded in the data server in the Remote Operation and Maintenance Assistance Center. Turbine engineers, operation engineers, and vibration engineers analyze and diagnose the data and create diagnosis and evaluation reports periodically.

Quick Response to Failure

In addition to periodic diagnosis and evaluation reports, when abnormal vibration is generated at a turbine, this system automatically sends an email as an event to engineers at Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works to facilitate a quick response to the failure.


Sample Diagnostic Report