Nuclear Power-related Facilities

Control Systems

Based on the high reliability and high-speed processing that only a control system developed specifically for Mitsubishi Power power plants can provide, DIASYS Netmation offers monitoring and control systems for nuclear-related testing systems and I/O devices for training simulators.



High Reliability

As a standard option, DIASYS can have redundancy in controllers, communication modules, and power units to achieve high reliability.

Rich Analysis Functions

DIASYS has rich analysis functions such as trend functions and flight recorder functions.

Support for Large-scale Facilities

DIASYS can handle a massive I/O signal load with high-speed processing.

Flexible system repair and improvement

Users can repair or improve their systems on their own to reduce maintenance costs. In addition, the facilities do not have to be stopped even during system modification so that you can put the highest priority on the continuous operation of the facilities.

Proven Results