Remote Monitoring Function



The remote monitoring function offered by DIASYS Netmation allows easy monitoring of the operating status of various equipment without concern for communications speed from a variety of locations, such as another building inside a plant, a facility outside a plant, or from an overseas site.


Stress-free Remote Monitoring Thanks to a Proprietary Communications Protocol.

Thanks to a communications protocol that was independently developed with remote monitoring in mind, regardless of the connection type, stress-free remote monitoring is achieved without concern for communications speeds.

Remote Monitoring at a Level Equivalent to Being On-site

Remote monitoring at the same level as being on-site and right beside the equipment being monitored is possible, eliminating the sense of inconvenience associated with remote monitoring locations.

Email Notification Function

When an abnormality occurs in applicable equipment, an email can be sent automatically, allowing personnel to quickly ascertain the status of the abnormality and take action.

Developing a Simple Remote Monitoring Environment

Remote monitoring is possible using standard hardware. Specialized hardware does not need to be prepared in order to build a remote monitoring environment.

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