Energy Visualization Function


The energy visualization function offered by DIASYS Netmation achieves the optimum operation of equipment and conserves energy by performing detailed monitoring and control using energy management daily reports and Gantt charts.

The function can also draw attention to and encourage reduced CO2 emissions during equipment operation.


Wide Range of Tools Achieving Energy Visualization

With a wide range of monitoring and analysis tools including basic unit calculations and energy consumption, CO2 conversion and a comparison of equipment operating statuses with the use of Gantt charts, efficient plant and equipment operation along with reduced energy consumption can be achieved.

Various Functions Included as Standard

Coordination with other functions such as the schedule function, electric power demand monitoring and peak cut control function is possible, achieving energy conservation from a range of perspectives.

Energy Visualization from Remote Locations

By coordinating with the remote monitoring function, device energy visualization, monitoring and control can be implemented from a remote location.