Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe Shipyard - Central Monitoring System for Design and Development Center Building


The system performs integrated monitoring and operation of building equipment including lighting and air conditioning as the central monitoring system for the Design and Development Center Building at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kobe Shipyard.

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Background to Introduction and Challenges Faced

Due to the deterioration of existing central monitoring facilities, the system was adopted in recognition of its ease of maintenance and suitability for integrated building management.

Effects of Introduction

Through introduction of the system, DIASYS Netmation produced a simple configuration responsible for the central monitoring system and heat source control system, and assisted in the development of integrated management of the entire building.

System Configuration

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Monitoring and Operational Features

BACnet Collaboration

The system works with an HIM from another company using the BACnet communication protocol to perform collective monitoring and operation through the HIM.

Transmission of Alert Emails

When an important warning is triggered, related personnel are notified in a timely fashion through emails send to email addresses registered for the event of an alert or restoration.

Automated Light Switch-off Control

The system incorporates a control function that works with a scheduling feature to automatically switch off unneeded lights and perform power-saving control.

Alarm Display

When an equipment malfunction occurs, a real-time alarm is displayed on the monitoring screen, supporting early discovery of abnormalities. A per-device history of alarm triggering and restoration can also be displayed.

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Trend Display

Product manufacturing status, equipment operational status and fault signals can be managed through a trend display.

Real-time trends covering periods of up to 24 hours and historical trends for up to 30 days are displayed.

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Management Support Features


With daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports, forms are managed in the format best suited to the customer.

A file containing a list of warning items generated on a monthly basis can also be created.

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