BLCP Power - Map Ta Phut Power Station in Thailand


The Map Ta Phut Power Station in Thailand is a large-scale steam power plant comprising two coal-fired boiler and reheat-type steam turbine power plants. The power station was ordered as a full turnkey project and handed over in 2007.

For the distributed control system (DCS), DIASYS Netmation has been employed throughout, including for the boiler control equipment, turbine control equipment, auxiliary equipment control systems, flame detection equipment, various monitoring equipment, communication gateway equipment with island facility programmable logic controller (PLC) and control equipment for common facilities.

In conjunction with this control equipment developed in-house by Mitsubishi Power, an operational training simulator has been introduced to provide a support environment for plant operation, maintenance and skill improvement.

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Background to Introduction and Challenges Faced

To achieve long-term stable operation as a thermal power plant, the project naturally demanded reliability in a distributed control system, but also high-level reliability, availability and maintainability is required of the plant itself. Furthermore, while progress has been made in near-full automation through the DCS to control this large-scale steam power plant made up of a vast array of complex equipment, these advances make it more important to maintain and improve the skills of customer operators and maintenance engineers so that they can make swift and accurate decisions in times of emergency, not just carrying out regular operations such as start-up and shutdown.

Effects of Introduction

Leveraging an advantage unique to a plant manufacturer, we installed an operational training simulator boasting a high degree of reproducibility that incorporates precision models. In doing so, we managed to provide a human resource development environment that helps customer operators and maintenance engineers maintain and improve their skills.

System Configuration

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Plant System Configuration

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Configurations and Specifications