Control Systems

DIASYS Netmation is a control unit developed by Mitsubishi Power based on vast experience and knowledge accumulated in various fields such as power plants. Mitsubishi Power is promoting DIASYS Netmation as a diversified facility monitoring and control system. In addition, Mitsubishi Power has played a major role in the development of satellite launch vehicles, contributing to the society as a prime contractor for the H-IIA rocket.
For the field of space, Mitsubishi Power offers solutions only Mitsubishi Power can provide, along with outstanding control systems.



High Reliability and Long-term Maintainability

DIASYS Netmation offers high reliability and long-term maintainability by making good use of the system features designed for power plants.

Flexible System Repair and Improvement

DIASYS Netmation can monitor the operation status of control logic in real time and can repair or improve systems online without stopping.