Control Systems

An Mitsubishi Power control system helps Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carriers to transport LNG safely and smoothly. The Mitsubishi Power system controls and monitors the engine department of the LNG carrier, including the propulsion and power generating systems, as well as the cargo department.

LNG is a source of clean energy as it emits a relatively small amount of CO2 when it burns. DIASYS helps manage and transport LNG at an extremely low temperature of about -162℃.



High Precision Control and Advanced Features Based on the Experience and Know-how Accumulated as a Long Time Shipbuilder

The high reliability and processing power of the control systems from Mitsubishi Power combined with the know-how accumulated over a long time as a shipbuilder can offer control with high precision and advanced features.

An LNG carrier can be operated safely in an energy saving manner by using intrinsically safe control based on the concept of fail-safe as well as economical control in consideration of the heat balance of the plant and optimum use of the gas created during the natural vaporization of LNG.

Safe Operation with Flexible User Interface Functions to Suit Users' Needs

Various functions are offered on rich graphic screens linked together functionally to support safe operation. These functions include two types of trend graph functions (quick short-term and mid-speed long-term) that can be selected based on your purpose. These include bar graph/analog meter functions, alarm event display/save functions, and so on.

High Performance and Reliability Based on Highly Standardized Module Functions

Control operation programs have been created by flexibly combining various standard modules. Because of this, highly reliable, high quality functions can be offered.