Gas Engine Power Plants

Control Systems

5-MW class Mitsubishi Power gas engine generators are each equipped with individual internal control systems that control and monitor the generator for safe and efficient electric power generation.



Advanced Control

DIASYS maintains high system reliability by having redundancy for its CPU data processing module, network modules, and power unit. Furthermore, the CPU module has a substantial self-diagnostic function. In case of failure, the system switches to the backup modules without any disruptions in system control. Additionally, the root cause of the issue is displayed to aid in taking prompt corrective action. The control language IDOL++ is used for integrated control over the combustion diagnostics for each cylinder, the air-fuel ratio, the intake air temperature, and so on to achieve overall efficiency at the highest level in the world.

In addition, abnormal combustion is immediately detected, and corrective actions such as derating and fuel cut-off are taken automatically so that operation continues even under abnormal conditions.

Lower Cost

Space-saving Compact Process Stations (CPSs) reduce space and cost without sacrificing functionality. (Note)

  • CPSs are used for the systems delivered in the 2012 fiscal year and after with some exceptions.

Remote Monitoring (Option)

DIASYS can offer real-time monitoring from a remote location with email notification in the event of abnormal operation of the plant.

Proven Results