Accessory Station (ACS)


The Accessory Station (ACS) is a piece of equipment that saves and manages various equipment data over the long-term, and interfaces with printers and other peripherals. As with the OPS, the ACS runs on Windows.

The ACS includes a wide range of data management functions to support operation.

  • Forms
  • Data Logs
  • List Display, etc.

Accessory Station (ACS) Functions

Reducing Cumbersome Tasks by Automatically Generating Daily and Monthly Reports

Process data managed by the ACS database is printed out in the form of daily and monthly reports.
Data can be printed to any Excel form, allowing forms tailored to customer requirements to be output.


Fully-featured Trip Logs Supporting Analysis in the Event of a Trip

This feature supports the fast investigation and analysis of trip causes through a post trip log function that collects pre-registered process value data even when a trip occurs in a major piece of facility equipment, a flight recorder function that displays the registered process values in a trend format, and event sequence reports that automatically save connected event DI module signals.

Data Print Instruction

Data print instructions when triggers such as plant trips are activated and regular print instructions such as forms or placard reports can be implemented.