Compact Process Station (CPS)



The DIASYS Netmation Compact Process Station (CPS) is a piece of control equipment that can be used for control operation and site ON/OFF control, and can be mounted on a DIN rail.

Unlike a Multiple Process Station (MPS), a CPU chassis is not required, and a CPS supports both single and duplex configurations. This compact unit is suitable for small-scale systems such as facility management systems and package boilers.


Functions of the Compact Process Station (CPS)

Retaining the Features of a DCS while Offering the Same Price and Size as a PLC

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is not functional enough-
but a distributed control system (DCS) is too big-
To cater to this kind of request, Mitsubishi Power has developed the Compact Process Station (CPS), retaining the features of DIASYS Netmation in the small form factor of a PLC (sequencer).
The CPS can be connected in the same manner as an MPS: it supports monitoring from an Operator Station (OPS), maintenance from an Engineering & Maintenance Station (EMS), updating of control logic and even data log collection from an Accessory Station (ACS).


Flexible System Configurations Tailored to Users' Needs

You can easily add I/O modules to a CPS as needed.

By using an extension adapter for each CPS unit, up to 40 modules can be used.

In addition, as modules are connected through FLEX I/O communication interfaces from AllenBradley, in addition to DIASYS Netmation I/O modules, modules from Rockwell Automation can also be used.

 Up to eight modules can be installed on a single unit.

 Maximum number of extension adapters: 4

 Up to 40 modules can be installed per CPS


Should a module fail, it can be replaced while the power is on (as with an MPS), reducing facility downtime.

Card Module Lineup

Check the following pages for information about our lineup of CPS modules.