Netnode Process Station (NPS)


A controller for auto-control of plants/various calculation process and process inputs and outputs with Plants. A compact controller that can be flexibly adapted for small-scale facilities applied to DIASYS Netmation with D-Ring Network I/O System.Process IO signals with plant field via IO modules, control the plant by calculate the control logics on CPU module.


Netnode Process Station (NPS)

Regardless of plant size, installation space can be greatly reduced.

NPS is a small-scale control device in which the number of parts and the installation space of the CPU unit of DIASYS Netmation are greatly reduced. We can offer customers the same functions and services as MPS (Multiple Process Station), which is a conventional CPU controller.

Number of Modules 1 - 500 modules/controllers 1 - 2,280 modules/controllers
Number of IO Points 8 - 4,000 point modules/controllers 8 - 18,240 point modules/controllers
Minimum Computation Period 10 ms 10 ms
Number of Logic Sheets 4,095 of Regular Sheets 4,095 of Regular Sheets

Communication with upper layer and local network, and arithmetic operation functions are all integrated in a single unit.

NPS has almost the same performance as MPS, and also has Firewall function. Similar to MPS, NPS can build a duplex system with standby redundancy, and MPS can be replaced with NPS or can be extended with a little change in engineering tool and human interface.
Moreover, NPS can connect with the D-Ring Network by adopting the conventional engineering functions such as control logics and graphics.

Processing CPUI card Integrated into one unit
CPU Monitoring System I/O card
Upper Layer Ethernet Interface card
IO ControlNet Interface card
/ SIOS Module
FireWall Function Not installed Installed

Card Module Lineup

For details of NPS module please see PDF file.

Name Overview
Netnode Process Station LSNPS01 (267 KB) Xilinx Zynq-7000 (800MHz)
LS1PPS01 (360 KB) 1PPS pulse input 2

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