RG-N Series (Generators for Nuclear Power Plants)

  • Capacity

    500 - 2,000 MVA

  • Voltage

    Up to 27kV

  • High reliability

    First unit commercial operation in



Turbine generators for nuclear power plants demand the highest levels of reliability. Since commercial operation of the first generator delivered by Mitsubishi Power began in 1972, Mitsubishi Power has delivered 17 units in Japan and seven units overseas. (As of 2017)

Based on our track record in generator performance, Mitsubishi Power can apply the latest technologies to provide capacities up to the 2,000 MVA class.

We offer a range of maintenance programs to achieve long-term operation together with customers, and provide these programs together with support for actual maintenance and inspection tasks.

RG-N Series01.jpg
Turbine Generator for Nuclear Power Plants


  • High reliability
  • Technology for higher capacities (2,000 MVA class)
  • Proposal and implementation of long-term operational plans


Generator Capacity 500 - 2,000 MVA
Voltage Up to 27kV
Rotational Speed 1,500 min-1, or 1,800 min-1
Applicable Standards IEC 60034, IEEE C50.13, JEC-2130
Insulation Class 155 (F) or 130 (B)
Excitation System Static