RG-X Series (Air Cooled Generators)

  • Capacity

    Up to 350 MVA

  • Voltage


  • Construction

    Fully Enclosed Type / Open Type



The air cooled turbine generator features excellent maintainability, has few limitations on installation location and is used by a diverse range of customers.

Moreover, to meet specific customer needs we can improve capacity or efficiency, produce low-noise operation or adopt specifications for cold regions, and also provide either an open type or fully enclosed type (CACA: closed air circuit air cooled, TEWAC: totally enclosed water to air cooled).

To shorten on-site installation times, the turbine is dispatched with the stator and rotator already assembled (transportation of integrated unit).

RG-X Series01.jpg
Air Cooled Turbine Generator (Open Type)


  • Supports open type and fully enclosed types (CACA, TEWAC)
  • Supports high efficiency (at least 98.5%)
  • Supports low-noise operation (80dBA)


Generator Capacity Up to 350 MVA
Voltage 10 to 18kV, or specified voltage
Applicable Standards IEC 60034, IEEE C50.13, JEC-2130
Insulation Class 155 (F) or 130 (B)
Excitation System Brushless
Options Permanent magnet generator, Static Exciter, Leading power factor operation : 0.8