RG-Y Series (Hydrogen Cooled Generators)

  • Capacity

    250 -900 MVA

  • Voltage

    Up to 24kV

  • Efficiency

    High (at least 99%)



Hydrogen cooled turbine generators enable high capacity and highly efficient operation by using hydrogen gas, with its superior cooling features, as the coolant inside the generator. This type generators support a wide range of capacity. By applying the High Heat Transmission (HHT) insulation system developed by Mitsubishi Power to the stator winding, we can offer high-capacity generators up to the 900 MVA class.

We also supply the gas control system and seal oil system needed when handling hydrogen gas together with the product, offering the set as a total system that boasts excellent maintainability.

Mitsubishi Power also provides training that covers operation and maintenance, as well as a long-term service agreement (LTSA).

RG-Y Series01.jpg
Hydrogen Cooled Turbine Generator


  • High Efficiency (at least 99% possible)
  • Technology for higher capacities (900 MVA class)
  • Supports gas turbines, steam turbines and combined cycle turbines


Generator Capacity 250 - 900 MVA
Voltage 10 to 24kV, or specified voltage
Applicable Standards IEC 60034, IEEE C50.13, JEC-2130
Insulation Class 155 (F) or 130 (B)
Excitation System Static
Options Supports outdoor installation, transportation by freight car, leading power factor operation : 0.8