Geothermal Power Plants

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Power Plants
  • High Performance and Reliability

  • Environmentally-Friendly

  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Services

Extracting heat energy from the ground to produce environmentally-friendly, highly efficient electric power

Geothermal power generation refers to a system of creating clean power by extracting heat energy from the ground. Mitsubishi Power was the first in the world to apply a combined system that consists of a two phase flow transportation system and a double flash cycle, which has been widely applied in geothermal power generation. Our geothermal power generation systems have been introduced in many different countries around the world and continue to be in high demand.

geothermal power generation systems

High Performance and Reliability

We became the first in the world to introduce the two phase flow transportation system and the double flash cycle as technologies for geothermal power generation. We have been striving to develop new geothermal power generation technologies. Based on research findings accumulated over a long period of time, our geothermal power plants have been verified to produce high performance and high availability all over the world. For example, the Los Azufres III geothermal power plant in Mexico, which came into operation in 2015, exhibited an availability of 99.6% during the one-year period after its start of operation.

We will continue to help stably supply electric power on the basis of our superior geothermal power generation technologies.



Geothermal power generation involves no combustion on the ground because it uses magma heat energy inside the earth. Therefore it emits little carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and is effective against global warming. While it is a renewable energy source, heat energy that exists in large quantities inside the earth is not affected by weather conditions. This gives geothermal power generation the advantage of a high availability, comparable with that of thermal power generation.

Life Cycle CO2 Emissions (g-CO2/kWh) from Power Generation Technologies

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Services

We are not merely a manufacturer that designs and manufactures the equipment and devices required for thermal power plants. We also provide EPC services, including plant construction.

We have received EPC orders for about 70% of the 107 geothermal power plants we have delivered since 1950, and accordingly we have offered engineering, procurement and construction services.

One strength lies in our engagement in design, manufacturing and construction of optimal plants in an integrated manner to ensure that they produce maximum output from limited geothermal energy in consideration of the geothermal resources and atmospheric properties that vary from region to region.