Geared Turbines


Geared turbines are used for small-scale power plants of up to approximately 40 MW. A speed reduction gear is installed between the generator and turbine, allowing the turbine to be designed smaller while operating at high speeds. Due to its small frame and high operating speed, geared turbines offer the following advantages over direct-coupled turbines; higher efficiency, smaller initial investment, easier maintenance, shorter delivery lead time, and smaller space requirements.

Steam Turbine Specification

Type Geared turbines
No. of casings Single casing
Output Up to 40 MW
Main steam conditions Up to 12.5 MPa / Up to 541°C
Revolutions per minute
  • Turbine: approximately 6,000min-1
  • Generator: 1,500 (50 Hz)/1,800 (60 Hz) min-1