Mixed-pressure Turbines


Mixed-pressure turbines are driven by two different types of steam (high pressure and low pressure) can also be designed for three different types of steam (high pressure, intermediate pressure and low pressure) for power generation. Hence this turbine is most suitable for applications where waste heat is recovered for power generation, such as gas turbine combined-cycle (GTCC) plants, pulp and paper factories, and cement plants. These turbines not only allow economical and optimal selection of pressure and temperature conditions for heat-recovery steam generators and boilers, but can also be used when different steams from an existing boiler and a new boiler are used to drive the turbine. If required, process steam can be extracted from the turbine, while the remaining steam is used to generate power.


Steam Turbine Specifications

Type Mixed-pressure turbine
No. of casing Single casing
Output Up to 200 MW
Main steam conditions Up to 12.5 MPa / Up to 566°C
Revolutions per minute 3,000 min-1 (50 Hz) / 3,600 min-1 (60 Hz)